The Life Of A Bag


While I was in Japan, I often thought about how clean it was over there compared to KL. I can’t say about places like Osaka (which I heard has more of a rough image), but Tokyo and Nagano were spotless. No cigarette butts, no tissue paper saps and no plastic bags littered the streets (except maybe at Kabukicho – the Yakuza-controlled, red-light district). I’m starting to think we need to take a ‘no-plastic bags for life’ approach to get even close to Japan’s cleanliness. Let’s get anal retentive over something that matters for once!

Funny how you reconnect with your country when you’re back from traveling. The sounds, smells. And guess what? I killed a cockroach the other day… Good to know that Malaysian creepy crawlies are benefiting from our polluted environment.

But if you’re opposed to the existence of vermin (political and otherwise) then you should share the sarcastic video above with friends and strangers alike. And while you’re at it, checkout this old post about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

I know I might sound like an eco-snob right now, but there’s nothing sadder than a baby turtle chewing on someone’s grocery bag. Remember when they used to lay eggs at the beaches of Terengganu? Yeah. I’d like them to come back, too.