Move In Style With LIVLOLA’s Latest Bag That Doesn’t Look Or Feel Like a Typical Gym Bag

Fashion and organisation sounds like a match made in heaven, even more so when it involves accessories that make you look good, while making your life easier. It doesn’t matter if your email’s inbox is messy, but messy bags are a big no-no. Imagine having to dig deep into your handbag just to find change every time, and have everything piled together into one big mess when it’s time for you to spring clean your bags. Bag organisers might come in handy, but it’ll also slip your mind after each use.

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If you’re a self-proclaimed messy gal like the rest of us, then you’d appreciate this hot brand in town. Setting itself apart from many bags in the market, LIVLOLA curates and designs women handbags with designs influenced by the Komari method, an organising technique that gather one’s belonging, categorising it and keeping only the things that matter, then placing it at one place at a time.

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This May, LIVLOLA returns with a new collection that’s made for the ladies with a holistic lifestyle – we’re talking about fitness babes who need a pretty yet sturdy bag to carry all you need for a great workout. Big enough to fit a yoga mat, boxing gloves, a water bottle, your tech gadgets and more, the Lakota Duffel Bag is the extra support you need. Just like a workout BFF you never knew you needed.

View the Lakota Duffel Bag in action below:

Furthermore, the Lakota Duffel Bag comes with compartments without neglecting style – a unique take on the usual bulky and sporty looking bags in the market. The breathable, roomy and lightweight bag is also suited for the wanderlusters. Each of these trendy totes has a key leash with an AirMesh detachable loose pouch, a bottle compartment and a drawstring shoe bag. They also come in four shades: Nude, Grey, Navy Blue x Black and Blue.

The Lakota Duffel Bag retails at a starting price of RM299. Shop the Lakota Duffel on LIVLOLA’s official store here. You can follow LIVLOLA on Instagram and Facebook for more updates.