The Kpop Formula?

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So I profess that my seemingly small interest in Kpop has somewhat become quite obvious to er, everyone. It feels kind of like coming out – it started as a deep, dark, dirty secret that I kept to myself and once I finally admitted it, I started to enjoy the music with a flip of my middle finger up for everyone else to see. So I thought, “Why don’t I check out the Digi Kpop Party 2011 just for the heck of it and report it from the perspective of a level-headed, “grown up” account of the whole Kpop craze?” Right.

So what is it about these robots? Children enter the dance, choreography and singing kpop school at a very young age, undergo grueling training for many years until trainees decide it’s time for them to debut. And when they mean it’s time, they mean picking the best of the best. Unfortunately, there are many that go through those years of training without ever making the cut.

It’s only when the cameras are rolling that we see a group of pretty boys or girls smiling and dancing in sync to intricate dance moves and expensive music video sets. What we don’t usually see are the hours and the training these dedicated kids put in to be perfect. So much so, plenty undergo plastic surgery just to be as physically as best as they can be. And that’s why maybe Kpop has garnered so many crazy fans around the world? The fact that some of these Kpop stars are filmed behind-the-scenes as they progress through training school and through their long hours of sleepless nights training. It’s given me some new found respect of their music industry. Is that their formula of success? Create committed, dedicated stars and you get the same dedication in return from the fans?

So is that the secret to all this kpop fanaticism that’s happening globally? I’ve been to plenty of concerts and gigs, and I have never seen a fan like a true Kpop fan. The Digi Kpop Party 2011 was my first time ever experiencing this whole Kpop phenomenon live, and while Gna, 4Minute and Beast was as expected and delivered a flawless performance, it was the fans who stole the show. Man, they came in all shapes, sizes, and surprisingly, races.

Could Kpop be the formula to bring all races together and ultimately, 1Malaysia? You might think it’s a far stretch but check out a Kpop concert next time and you might think so. Maybe times are hard and we all just need to escape sometimes. But if Kpop brings all types of people together like the kids, the tweens, the early 20s and the er, not so early 20s (they are called ajummas), Malaysians, and the rest of the world, then sue me for thinking Kpop isn’t such a bad thing after all.

With a flip of my finger, here is 2ne1’s Halloween music video of ‘It Hurts’. I envy whoever conceptualized and styled this music video.


The Digi KPOP Party Live 2011 was held at Stadium Negara on 13 January 2011.

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