The Kooks: Junk of the Heart

Known as the scruffy boys from Brighton, The Kooks survived the cutthroat hipster (oh yes we said it) scene and has since released multi-platinum albums that have all the cool kids still secretly humming to ‘She Moves  in Her Own Way’ from their  2006 debut album Inside/Inside Out. According to frontman Luke Pritchard their genius was purely accidental – like a pee stick turned blue from an unplanned pregnancy – since the start with the idea of forming The Kooks occurring on a shopping trip.Now after holing up in the English countryside, they birth Junk of The Heart; their third try. Leaning more to The Konks than to Inside/Inside Out, this album sees The Kooks using a less rock-based approach and more of a sensible britpop vibe.

With songs like ‘Eskimo Kiss’ and ‘How’d You Like That’ you are bound to do a Mr. Bobble Head in beat to the happy day tunes. Although nothing groundbreaking they still manage to keep it interesting with the few electric beats mix and mashed with harmonisations and sploshes of Luke’s wolfish like held notes.  This Brit band still holds its own and the album will probably see another 3 million being sold, after all, accents are sexy (down girl).

LISTEN TO: ‘Junk of The Heart (Happy)’, ‘Eskimo Kiss’ & ‘Petulia’

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