The Konvict Bails

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Hear ye! Hear ye! Akon fans, yield your bikini and flipflop shopping! JUICE knows you Akon fans have been waiting with bated breath for the man who wants to make love to you right now, now, now but the Konvict has postponed his beach concert til 24 October 2009. So no loving for you, yet.  No this ain’t a wind up. Akon proffers his most heartfelt award worthy apology online. We have the vid link below.

Akon has personally apologized via video, and organizers have stated that the July 2nd Beach Concert is postponed ‘due to the artiste citing personal reasons and unforeseen circumstances relating to a family emergency’. Hmm… we didn’t now he was related to The Jacksons.

The concert in Malaysia is now rescheduled to Saturday, October 24 at Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon at 8pm. Ticket prices will remain unchanged. Refunds will be made to fans who can’t make the postponed date but have purchased tickets. Boohoo.

For more info, and to see Akon’s personal message, check out