the knowledge: trip hop @ bed kl

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KL’s nighttime elite went 6 Underground on Wednesday night in Bed KL, as JUICE and Johnnie Walker came out with The Knowledge – A Taste Of Black Circuit ft. Trip Hop. With DJ Goldfish ripping up the CDJs and Johnnie Walker flowing like water, Bed was filled to the brim with lovers of dark beats and sombre melodies. While I personally bemoan the fact that no Portishead was played, I had a good time nonetheless. A lot of old school beatheads were in attendance, more than happy to escape the usual tinny party sounds of today for trip hops heavier basslines and floor shaking drum breaks. But enough of my account, here’s a sampling of the music.[youtube]cSY66_84ZTI[/youtube]

JUICE captures reel life on the Nokia N93i.