the kl downtown night market

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A friend’s broken down car and one wrong turn at the Kesas Highway can lead to some pretty interesting stops. We were trying to get back on course when I noticed a whole fleet of cars parked along a nondescript side street. This was at 2am, mind you. And right by the creepily infamous Cheras Hospital. Intriguing, yes?

Apparently, I’ve been living 15 minutes away from a weekly super-pasar malam, complete with second hand clothes, gadgets that seem utterly fascinating in the stall but will break down after approximately 48 hours, and of course so many snacks and sweets, even an elephant could die of heart congestion. It’s got about three times the amount of stalls as Uptown in Damansara Jaya, and there’s a karaoke stage (RM2 per song! woo hoo!) and a b-boy showcase area. Yeah, it’s weird what you get in a pasar malam these days.

So there you go: the KL Downtown Night Market, every Friday night, and it’s open ’til reaaally late. You might even have enough time to get some corn-in-a-cup on your way home after hitting the clubs.


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