The Kitchen Table


Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
Back in 2014, we wandered around Damansara Kim and were intrigued by a restaurant that had loafs of bread displayed nicely across its counter — milk bread, sourdough, and apple sourdough — it was a carbohydrate enthusiast’s paradise. Whether The Kitchen Table’s (TKT) decision for the placement of its baked goods located at the entrance was a marketing strategy or not is unbeknownst to us, but a great decision nonetheless. It’s the first thing potential customers see and smell — who could resist entering a place that smelt of flour, chocolate, and a hint of coconut? Not us, that’s for sure.

Everything about The Kitchen Table was crisp and clean, from the interior to its furniture to the table setting and its menu. It was simple and charming. At the time, its fried chicken was the most recommended dish to try, and so we did. We were delighted at what we tasted. It was our definition of comfort food; something you’d treat yourself with after working what felt like a long week. Despite it being fried, there was hardly any trace of oil around it, which would give health-conscious people like ourselves the illusion that it wasn’t that unhealthy. However, the dish was undergoing a ‘trial’ phase during that period – TKT’s owners weren’t completely content with their recipe despite the fried chicken being a favourite among regular customers.

Since then, we hadn’t dined at TKT in over a year, but our memories of it remained pleasant. Considering our constant hankering for good fried chicken, JUICE thought there was no place more deserving of a highlight than this – especially considering we hadn’t featured them yet.

And so we ventured back to TKT again, everything about the restaurant – aesthetic-wise – was expectedly kept the same since we first stepped foot in there. Ordering the buckwheat fried chicken to see what had changed since then, we braced ourselves for the same spices and textures as served during our first visit – that didn’t happen, they really did improve upon the recipe.

Light, tender, and again, no overwhelming oiliness to it. There wasn’t a single element that was over or underwhelming, it was done just right. Each plate serves six pieces of chicken – drumsticks and thighs accompanied by Thai basil leaves – and is priced at RM36. A little steep for a plate of fried chicken, sure, but when the hours of meticulous preparation are taken into consideration, it’s almost justifiable. But would it hurt to add something on the side, guys? Like grilled potatoes.

Besides their dish and bread counter, and the fried chicken we can’t seem to stop gushing about, another highlight of the family-style restaurant is its weekend brunch menu. It’s an entirely different offering from what’s served throughout weekdays. Think Spanish omelette with spring onion and zucchini, rocket salad, and strawberry French toast served with macerated strawberries, cornflakes and Gula Melaka syrup aka the meal that will earn you a three-hour run. And of course, it wouldn’t be brunch without scrambled eggs, sausages, and bacon. Yes, real bacon – which makes TKT a non-halal restaurant. We saved the best detail for the end!

We’ll be back for more carbs and haram goodness – and this time around we won’t wait another full year.

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23, JALAN SS20/11
T: 03 – 7733 4000
OPEN: 12PM — 5.30PM & 6.30PM — 10.30PM (TUES —FRIDAY) / 10AM — 5.30PM & 6.30PM — 10.30PM (SATURDAY) / 10AM — 5.30 PM (SUNDAY)

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