The Kills: Blood Pressures (Domino)

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Indie rockers The Kills may have gained public recognition due to guitarist James Hince’s relationship with supermodel Kate Moss, but indie fans would know that the band has been around for over a decade.

Comparisons to The White Stripes aside, the duo consisting of James and former Discount vocalist Alison Mosshart have traded their previous style of pop beats and synthetic sounds for simplistic and bluesy rock in Blood Pressures.

Mosshart’s strong vocals stand out against the music but not enough to overshadow the unique riffs and drumbeats. What’s unique about Blood Pressures is the diversity of each song. From the ballad ‘Baby Says’ to the gritty ‘You Don’t Own The Road’, this album is for fans of Alison’s moody vocals and James’ malevolent guitar riffs.

LISTEN TO: ‘DNA’, ‘Dammed If She Do’
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