VIDEO: The Killers Get Down (On Their Luck) For New Single ‘The Man’

The Killers have long since had a tradition of releasing absolutely, well… killer music videos – pun very much intended. Whether it’s for their annual Christmas charity song release (which has so far spawned a hilarious series of videos about Santa Claus and his homicidal grudge against frontman Brandon Flowers) or simply for a new single (see: the iconic video for ‘Mr. Brightside’ that is guaranteed to make an appearance at any karaoke night across the world), you can trust these four Las Vegans to deliver on the MTV front.

This time, their new video drops just after the release of their red-hot disco single ‘The Man’, taken off their new album Wonderful Wonderful (for which a release date has yet to be specified). As usual, the video might as well be a mini-movie all by itself. Flowers plays five (!) different personas in ‘The Man’, all with two things in common – a penchant for pointing obnoxiously, and a nauseating aura of self-righteous machismo that follows them wherever they go. Cinematographer Sy Turnbull perfectly captures Flowers’ adventures amidst the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, and the entire reel plays out as the perfect commentary on today’s toxic ideals of masculinity.

Watch the video, directed by Tim Mattia, below:

In need of something humorous after realising the sad state of the male ideal in the modern age? Check out The Killers’ classic Christmas single below for your much-needed dose of insane, shotgun-toting Santa vibes:

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