The Island Music Festival


There was a rave that happened in a Sarawakian rainforest a few weeks ago and now why not have a music festival by the beach? The Island Music Festival will house musical performances from the different spectrum of genres, i.e. folk pop to hip hop to EDM. It will be timed accordingly of course, relaxed and serenade along with guitar strumming in the day while heart thumping bass and brain cell-obliterating dance music when night falls. Some of the acts that will be taking the sun-soaked stage are the pop-synth exuberance of Darren Ashley, Liyana Fizi’s sweet vocals, indie electro beats of local nightlife legends Twilight Actiongirl, and the scratchy house choons of DJ French Chris.

There will also be a contest coming up for you to win passes to the festival, so stay tuned for that!

Date Friday 10 – Sunday 12 October ’14
Venue Coral Redang Resort
Cover RM675 3 Days/ 2 Nights Package
Lineup Twilight Actiongirl, Darren Ashley, Moulaye Wam, Liyana Fizi, Reza Salleh, Narmi, French Chris, Two.o.Six, Sounds of Jane

More details on the contest and the music festival here.