The Hunt Is On!

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PUMA has declared open season on some of our local celebs. It’s the legal version of hunting humans for sport, but instead of having some gnarly taxidermy above your fireplace, you get 1 year worth of PUMA gear as a prize. Sounds good to us, since we never really got the whole stuffed dead animal thing in the first place….

Happy Hunting kicked off last weekend with a badass party at Ecoba with TAG, Rina Omar, Bittersweet, Wakaka crew, Shawn Lee and others. If you missed out don’t worry – the hunt is still on. You just need to get your spy on and track down PUMA Agents; yes, Bittersweet, Hafiz, Jane, Nadhira, Nicholas, Suki and Tomok, to get your sweet sweet bounty. Go forth and multiply! Errr, I mean, kill! (metaphorically, of course!)

Image: PUMA Malaysia

Find your clues at the PUMA facebook page. The next hunt takes place this Saturday and Sunday!