The Humble Pie

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Images Rizki Maulana

Succulent Slice
Formerly a stalwart of the publishing industry, Eugene Ng finally decided to take the plunge in May and pursue his passions in a kitchen environment along with his business partner Angela Tan, who similarly swapped her financial desks for tables and tea. JUICE had the privilege of sampling The Humble Baker’s scrumptious treats several months before he opened up his joint in PJ, and we just couldn’t get enough of his banoffee pies and cheesecakes. Naturally, when the café finally opened for business in the heartlands of PJ, we popped on over for a nibble or two.

The store is minimalistic enough in itself, dotted with pastel shades and space enough to make for an airy and uncongested setting. The menu is varied, yet compact enough that you’ll be able to sample most items on the list within a few trips to the restaurant (and trust us, you will want to go back). Several pasta dishes are on offer, including a pesto dish that is fast gaining a well-deserved reputation, and a spicy prawn olio for those of you with a fiery fetish. Regulars often go for a full roast chicken, complemented with fine mash and a salad on the side. The savoury pies are nothing to scoff at either, with a new tuna and leek pie soon to be joining the beef staple at the moment. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Shepard’s pie in the near future too.

While the savoury foods hold their own, The Humble Pie’s desserts are what we think will be the iconic dishes of the place, coupled with their signature fruity teas. The selection of sweet pies and intoxicating chocolate mousses are the perfect ending to any meal. In Eugene’s own words, the original Humble Pie, the banoffee is, “A baked biscuit crust, buttery, crunchy, a hint of saltiness. Perfectly ripe bananas, dipped in and drizzled with thick, luscious sweet toffee. Topped with soft billowy clouds of sweetened vanilla whipped cream. Dusted with a jolt of bitter coffee.”

If that doesn’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what will.

No.11, JALAN 17/45
T: 03 7932 1793