The Gregory Brothers

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Introducing brothers Evan Gregory (keys, drums, vocals), Andrew Gregory (guitar, bass, vocals), Michael Gregory (drums, keys, vocals) and for that babe factor – Sarah Fullen (guitar, bass, vocals). Then there’s the occasional journeyman like Doug Hulin (bass) and Spence Cohen (drums). Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, the Gregory Brothers recently created buzz with their ‘Auto-Tune the News’ YouTube videos. Imagine a collaboration between Anderson Cooper and T-Pain. Yes. Who knew the national news and auto-tune could meet and become an instrument of entertainment?

Check out their latest ‘music video’ on pirates, drugs and gay marriage.


Jokes aside, they are actually a pretty dope folk and soul band. We especially love ‘Butter on My Roll’, which you can listen to on their MySpace page here.

Happy happy Friday!

Go see how they roll at now!