The Gaslight Anthem: American Slang (SideOneDummy)

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Forget fake tans, fist pumps and drunken hot tub scandals, this is the real New Jersey. Or so one would imagine, as no one would in their right mind would ever go there.  The Gaslight’s Anthem is our generation’s answer to the working class, blue collar rock of the 80s and 90s.

This may be an album you and your dad would enjoy, but don’t let that hold you back. Not only taking reference from fellow Garden State brother Bruce Springsteen, you can also hear the ghosts of The Clash, Tom Petty and some post punk.

An album of lost loves and forgotten youth coupled with catchy-as-sin hooks, makes American Slang reminiscent of times past or current. Fallon’s raw vocals compliment the sparkling guitar that takes you through a journey through more innocent times. This is firmly established in the track The Queen of Lower Chelsea with “Did you grow up lonesome, one of a kind/Were your records all you had to pass the time?”.

Overall a strong sophomore release, but the question remains are they the next Kings of Leon or another band of unfulfilled potential and dashed dreams? They may say “Don’t sing me them songs of the good times cause those days are gone” but for The Gaslight Anthem, they may have just begun.

Listen To: ‘Old Haunts’, ‘The Queen of Lower Chelsea’, ‘The Diamond Church Street Choir’
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