The Future is Almost Here! AB InBev and Keurig Are Making an In-Home Alcohol Brewer

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source: AB InBev

Alcohol giant Anheuser-Busch InBev (Budweiser and Corona, among others) and single serve coffee makers Keurig are teaming up to build a booze brewer made for the home. Utilising the same technology as Keurig’s now defunct cold beverage maker – the Keurig Kold – the still in-development appliance, as quoted in the press release, hopes to be able to brew “beer, sprits, cocktails, and mixers.” As of now, the product is targeted towards the North American market, so there’s no way of telling if it will ever hit our shores. Plus, homebrewed alcohol is still very much a hush-hush activity – who knows the legality of such an appliance in Malaysia.

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