Japanese Indie Rock Band The fin. to Play in Malaysia in April

The fin. is a four-piece indie rock band from Kobe, Japan whose music is that of a familiar taste to Cocteau Twins and Slowdive. Having performed at major festivals in Japan including Fuji Rock, Viva La Rock, and Rising Sun, this marks the first time they will step foot here and share their brilliance with Malaysians.

The dreampop collective comprising of Yuto Uchino, Ryosuke Odagaki, Takayasu Taguchi, and Kaoru Nakazawa possesses a peculiarly British European sound despite being of Japanese origins. Their shoegaze-informed melodies and texture-focused tunes are something that will have you at bliss, especially with frontman Yuto’s soprano vocals. Soulful and admirable.

The fin. is bound to perform in Malaysia on Sunday 2 April at The Bee, Publika.

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