The Establishment

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If you’ve been to Changkat, you can’t miss the graffiti-adorned venue that is The Establishment – who wouldn’t notice a mural of people who were among those that contributed to the shaping of the culture that we know of today? Owned by an Australian based company, The Establishment was constructed and based upon market experience and global influences of the company, thus explaining the design aesthetic of the place; decadent from one spectrum, costly and comfortable from the other end. The location on level one, otherwise known as the Industrial Lounge, sets the mood for a laid back feeling, invoking relaxation and tranquillity, allowing you to let yourself loose amongst the vintage décor as you sip on drinks and share daily encounters. Moving up to level two, the Opulent Lounge emanates sophistication with its decor of big arm chairs, sparkly chandeliers and mirror lines walls against its rich and plush ambience. Level up to the third level, The Botanical Rooftop for a romantic scenery of the KL Tower and the neighbouring skyline. Said to be the biggest exposed rooftop in Changkat, this level is decked with gigantic pots and lush greenery. Sophistication and elegance are their key points, but no harm in mixing it up by unbuttoning a button or two.

CLIENTELE Two words. Hipster joint… on Saturdays at least (it’s Deer Society’s new home). Otherwise an eclectic mix of expats, yuppies, youngins with folded chinos, and the occasional random walk-ins.

DRINKS Cocktails are their specialty as they bring down Melbourne’s cocktail scene to Malaysia. Make a special request and the bartender will whip it up for you. Basic beers and drinks are available as well.

HAPPY HOURS Happy hour and drink promotions include cocktail jugs, international bottles and tap beers. Each night compromises of a different Happy Hour special, after all, variety is the spice of life.

MUSIC POLICY Varies from night to night. From r’n’b to dance music to house to indie dance to rock. Their policy is to deliver an easy listening and accessible sound spectrum.

EATS Burgers, hot dogs, skewers. Bar food is their specialty. So be prepared to get those dainty little hands dirty.

DRESS CODE According to them, it’s smart casual. But we say, put some effort into it. It can’t hurt to dress a little fancier than normal.

PARKING Valet service is available at The Establishment itself. Otherwise, patrons can park along the street or the underground carpark at the Parkroyal Residence.