The End Is The Beginning


The end of something — be it a relationship, a book, a long-running TV series — doesn’t necessarily mean it ends at the last page or when the credits roll. Especially if it’s a Fast and Furious movie, Dominic’s inability to actually have “one last ride” like he says he will over the last six movies has left us with nothing but trust issues. Will it ever end? We’re getting carried away… This exhibition is to celebrate just that, it features work from artists such as James Ly, Kara Inez, Sophia Kamal, Veronika Neukirch, Mils Gan, Emir Nazreen, Lupe Parada, Lena Kravchenko, Maryam, and Nadia J. Mahfix — a familiar last name? Why yes, she is related to the man who is currently behind JUICE. During its opening night, Yahna and VMPRMYTH will be providing background music to what we imagine to be a series of different medias bidding goodbye to 2015. It’ll be nostalgic, might get weird, or tap into the emotions you didn’t want to feel, but a good time nonetheless. The End is The Beginning runs until Thursday 31 December ’15 from 10am to 1am.

Date Wednesday 23 December ’15 — Thursday 31 December ’15
Time 8pm — 1am (Opening)
Venue Minut Init

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