The Earthly Elegance of Ezzati Amira’s SS15 Collection

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source: Ezzati Amira

Perseverance is an important trait when one is embarking on a career; there are bound to be many unexpected occurrences that will test that very strength, and Ezzati Amira’s journey in the fashion business is something that should be admired.

Having graduated from Raffles Design Institute in 2010, Ezzati soon found an internship placement at Leann Maxima—a local high street fashion house—where she learnt and laboured till she ascended to become the head designer and merchandiser of the magnate. Throughout her approximately three years there, she had created almost 200 pieces of design for Leann Maxima’s seasonal collections.

After that, Ezzati held an image consultant job at fast fashion retailer House of Eight where she managed the online business, styled for their customers, all the while as she worked to produce her own line. Ezzati inevitably moved on from her job and continued to attend job interviews until she had a realisation that she was equipped with the necessary know-how and experience to start her own label.

The womenswear designer brand has an emphasis on the peculiar and the androgynous where the ready-to-wear pieces can be translated as bold and daring for the modern lady. This comes as no surprise as the designer once revealed that her style icon was Tilda Swinton – a perfect encapsulation of the brand’s ethos.  For her SS15 collection, it consists of mainly loose silhouettes of pastel palettes and organic patterns such as floral and paisley. The collection is evocative of the serenity and tranquillity of Zen teachings, as radiated from the subtle hues and light materials used.

source: Ezzati Amira

source: Ezzati Amira

The collection is available for order via [email protected]

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