The Cove

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The Cove is a 2009 documentary on the annual killing of the dolphins in National Park at Taiki, Japan. This wake up call documentary film is directed by Louie Psihoyos, produced by Paula DuPré Pesmen and Fisher Stevens and written by Mark Monroe. Jim Clark runs as executive producer and Olivia Ahnemann is the co-producer. It’s a documentary on how fishermen of Taiji, Japan herds dolphins to tiny cove so dolphin trainers can handpick which ones they want. What happens to the ones not picked is another story, which The Cove will tell ya.

This film recently won Best Documentary at the 82nd Academy Award. The Cove follows activist and former dolphin trainer Richard O’Barry, which most of you may know from 60s show Flipper, as he goes undercover on what really happens in the cove. Cameras are planted everywhere underwater, grass and trees to record the shocking truth. The Cove highlights the amount of dolphins killed is actually more than the numbers of whales killed in the Antarctic. The dolphins are herded netted and killed with the cruelest of items.

Palate Palette’s Anything Goes, Anything Shows! series will be screening The Cove tomorrow, Tuesday 16 March 2010 at the upstairs lounge. The screening starts 9pm and is free but hey, donations are welcomed. Yes, you get free popcorn too. Go open your eyes with The Cove.

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