The Byrd Kicks It With Diplo

JUICE has been chatting with Arabyrd online since she left for Vienna to work on her music. It’s been about 2 weeks and it feels like forever since we last saw this cili padi in town. Already kicking it with Alhaca, Diplo and many others on stage over there in Austria. We feel a bit left out, yet excited for our little baby girl as well.

She gave us the exclusive listen to her ‘Byrdkick (Stereotyp Remix)’ a couple of days back. It was straight up bananas! She recently kicked that track on a Diplo show at Spring Nine in Graz. A Malaysian kicking it with big-timer Diplo is mad dope. Here’s a video from that show.


Man, JUICE wants to see Diplo’s set right here, right now!

Ara will be in Vienna for a few months to record her much-anticipated album to be released on Crunchtime Records. Baby girl is doing great at making us proud. Nothing but love for the Byrd. Kill it!

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