The Brute Chorus – How The Caged Bird Sings (Tape)

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UK indie rock band The Brute Chorus will be releasing their eagerly anticipated second album How The Caged Bird Sings this 8 September. But better news! In the same month they will also be releasing 2 singles from their upcoming album. Oh, could this be love?

The first single to be released from their upcoming album is ‘Heaven’ on 1 September, follow by a 2nd release on 6 September; which is yet to be revealed. A video for the ‘Heaven’ and some very exciting mixes (we can’t say who yet) will be available soon, too. So keep your eyes peeled on, peeps.

‘Heaven’ is the closing number on How The Caged Bird Sings and sees The Brute Chorus go out in style with probably their catchiest chorus to date. A fine example of the band’s physical approach to their music; the song is totally drum and bass heavy eschewing the rockabilly guitars of previous tracks, yet adding layers of vocals for some Siouxsie Sioux style and even a middle eight built entirely out of lead singer James Steel’s improvised vocals.

How The Caged Bird Sings is 11 songs linked by the theme of yearning, be it lust, desire or need; by the 4 piece band with everyone else contributing vocals to frontman James Steel, who also plays the guitars, harmonica and kazoos; together with Nick Foots on guitars, keyboards and synths, bassist Dave Ferrett as well as drummer/percussionist Matthew Day.

For more info on the album and more of that rockabilly music from The Brute Chorus, visit their Myspace Music at Meanwhile here’s something to refresh your memory….

Could This Be Love by The Brute Chorus (Official Video)


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