The Boy Least Likely To: Law Of The Playground (Too Young Too Die)

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Marching out of the English countryside on a quest to turn our frowns upside-down are Twee Pop duo The Boy Least Likely To.

Composer/multi-instrumentalist Pete Hobbs and lyricist/singer Jof Owen are back with the follow-up to The Best Party Ever. With a pocket full of sunshine, Law of the Playground is like Sesame Street visited by The Flaming Lips. The band has described their music as ‘Country-Disco’ but JUICE prefers to think of them as ‘Kid-Rock’ (hyphen and pun intended). This adventurous album opens innocently enough with an invitation to ‘Saddle Up’. Next thing you know, you’re ‘A Balloon on a Broken String’ not attached to anyone or anything. With a little bag of marbles and a catapult, The Boy Least Likely To sticks up for the little guys on ‘Every Goliath Has Its David’. If there’s one thing LOTP teaches us, it’s to make lemonade when life gives us lemons. C’mon now, everything’s A-OK!

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