The Body Shop & MTV Special Edition Tantalising Lip Butter

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Each time you purchase The Body Shop Tantalising Lip Butter, you’re not only keeping those baby smooth smackers of yours, baby smooth, but you’re also helping a cause. “Yes Yes Yes” (sorry it’s not like I’ve suddenly developed some sort of verbal disorder, but that happens to be the name of the product), is more than surrendering your inhibition, it’s about owning up to some responsibility.

The cosmetic brand that cares and music TV entertainment giant MTV, have collaborated to launch the lip balm that would save and help millions by funding the HIV/AIDS awareness prevention campaign – something worth shouting about. Every Tantalising Lip Butter sold, RM23 of the proceeds go directly to the Staying Alive Foundation.

This little lubrication wonder is preservative-free and filled with the goodness of dragonfruit extract, shea butter from Ghana, Beeswax from Zambia and ingredients sourced through the Community Trade programme. It’s also supported by former Beyonce’s Child, (Oops I meant Destiny’s Child) singer Kelly Rowland.

Make sure you slap on some lube for smoother oral action!

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