The Black Keys: Brothers (Fat Possum)

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The album cover is pretty straightforward. So is the album. It’s really good. That’s all you need to know, so go forth, listen and multiply.

Need more details? OK fine, Brothers would be the offspring of Jack White and 70s rock, or if Muddy Waters collaborated with Kings of Leon. The Black Keys have managed to take the spooky and sexy aspects of blues rock and turn it in to a post modern masterpiece. Fitting as the album was recorded half in Alabama and half in Brooklyn.

The album kicks off with fasletto vocals and bass heavy dark grooves on ‘Everlasting Love’. All tracks on this album are minimalist rock-blues at its best, even the DangerMouse produced ‘Tighten Up’ doesn’t stray too far from the norm.

I’ve never been more attracted to something so dark and sleezy since Christina Aguliara came out with the ‘Dirrty’ video. From the slurring of lonely soul, heartbreak lyrics to the R&B blues guitar, this is sexy garage rock at its best people!

Listen: Tighten Up, Everlasting Love.
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