The Best Videos of 2010

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When someone asked me what I thought were the best videos of the year, a million cat videos came to mind, but music you say? Well those are were not too bad either. Here’s a roundup of what 2010 offered us in visual and auditory delights.

‘This Too Shall Pass’ Ok Go


Ok Go is possibly one of the best bands for putting out innovative videos. This one is def one of my favs, possibly because I loved the game mousetrap as a kid. This contraption was set up by Rube Goldberg and took 3 takes. You may notice one cut in the video, but the machine still worked continuously throughout the filming. Yikes!

‘Kill Your Coworkers’ Flying Lotus


Directed by ‘Beeple’ aka Mike Winkleman, this Flying Lotus video is a dream, the kind where robots go haywire and destroy humans. But I have to agree, rainbows ARE yummy, just like human blood to a robot on kill mode!

‘Runaway’ Kanye West


I’ll spare you the 30 min version, but love this song and love this video. All declarations of inner struggle and turmoil are best proclaimed atop a piano, surrounded by ballet dancers, your best friends and a woman wearing a bird. Best dinner party ever? I say yes.

‘Born Free’ MIA


WARNING! If you haven’t seen this video, it’s violent, graphic and disturbing, so very, very disturbing. This Roman Gavras caused quite a commotion when released, getting banned from youtube and all. The shots, angles, story and the stop/start of the music is what makes this video such a powerful allegory. The dusty and dirty look leaves me wondering if this is that what hipsters mean when they say ‘new age fun with a vintage feel’?

Being a Dickhead’s Cool


Satire is the new irony as hipsters became intentional walking parodies of themselves this year. Ok, so maybe this isn’t a real song, but I’m just glad someone finally said it. Now come with me, let’s be di… no? just me?

Did we miss any? What videos did you love this year? Let us know in the comments below!