The Best Resolutions To Keep (And Drop)

We’re 3 months into 2017, so how are those resolutions doing? You know, the ones you set whilst your friend was holding up your hair so you wouldn’t get puke on it the morning after New Year’s, which is coincidentally the point in time when you realised that you’re 35 this year and have done plenty of chilling with your life but are still Netflix-less?

Sometimes, we make lists longer than they should be, especially when it involves self-improvement, we can get carried away – just look at what that Japanese book on minimalism did to our wardrobe – goodbye daily underwear.

Here are some suggestions to help you keep focus on the stuff that should really matter to you.


…Fighting Everyday
Life is a constant struggle between good and evil, or Batman and Joker. You don’t need to be a crime fighter to be in real danger, you just need to stroll down some dodgy alley in search of the best beef-ball noodles this side of KL. It’s always a good thing to be in great physical shape so you have the option of capably carrying out either fight or flight if bad shit goes down.

The best way to stay in shape is to hit your gym and workout routine with so much vigor that the meme ‘Do you even lift?’ would be run and hide upon your presence. Only bring the necessities when you work out, ditch those glasses and wear contact lenses if you’re going hardcore.

It’s like Chuck Palahniuk says in the movie about a club no one talks about, “Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing. Like the first monkey shot into space.”

It’s like Chuck Palahniuk says in the movie about a club no one talks about, “Without pain, without sacrifice we would have nothing. Like the first monkey shot into space.”


…Hustling Like a Baus
Work is the endless loop of pushing a boulder up a hill… well, at least according to some Greek legend. But for most of us, performing well at work is less about routine and more about having foresight to move along with (or get a head start to) the rest of the modern world. Always remember to give your eyes a break after staring at the screen for hours so you don’t get short-sighted by distractions. Alternatively, Bausch and Lomb ONEday lenses are comfortable and will keep your eyes hydrated, helping you stay focused at work all day, every day.

If this picture doesn’t strike you as familiar, it’s time to let The Lonely Island and Seth Rogen teach you how to hustle ‘Like A Boss’.


…On Your Toes
Screw planning (yeah, that’s right, even if we are talking about resolutions here) and be on your toes for every occasion, regardless of wherever your heart (or friends) take you, which is usually from office to bar or club. If you’re in the creative industry or (sorry for you) advertising, then you’d know that those long nights might just bring you somewhere else apart from Cannes. Prep your eyes and stay fresh for client briefings, networking/partying and meetings the morning after with Bausch and Lomb Biotrue ONEday contact lenses.

No one will even be able to tell that you’re hungover.



…Keeping Tabs on Your Weight
It’s normal for a person’s body weight to fluctuate whether or not they exercise, so don’t use this as a measurement of how well you’re doing. Ditto with inches. Exercise is a lifestyle, not a means to lose weight. Like it’s said at the ending of Bojack Horseman (Season 2), “It gets easier. Every day it gets a little easier. But you got to do it every day. That’s the hard part.”

You said it, Louis.


…Forcing Yourself to Have Early Mornings
Research has shown that people who sleep late are not necessarily having a bad habit. Some might even say that night-owls are usually just over-creative people with restless minds. We say, don’t force yourself to sleep (especially with sleeping pills or reruns of Friends). Let it come naturally and have a productive morning or late-night. Ultimately, it shouldn’t matter ‘cause everyone else only gets a couple of hours of real work done in a day.

Most of us can relate.
Most of us can relate.


…Eating Healthy
‘Cause it’s freaking ridiculous to pay RM30++ for a bag of nuts and raisins! Why not start cooking healthy instead?

How about you learn to make that ultra nutritious, happy vegan bowl you’ve always wanted?


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source: Biotrue

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