The Best of 2011

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Text Ben Liew + Miranda Yeoh + Alif Omar Mahfix + Lorna Stewart-Thornton + Melanie Zhu-Han
Images Various sources

The first year of the new decade is ripe with the whiff of revolution in the air. JUICE has been playing the role of cool despot for quite some time now, we feel like we’re in danger of facing an occupy Catcha protest anytime soon, so you know what? We think it’s about time we bring democracy to this odd tradition of conferring yearly Best Of titles.

We give you the Best Of 2011 as voted by you!

Pretty much every KLite’s clubbing default, Zouk remains the unrivalled venue of choice for an epic night. This five-roomed super club provides the ultimate party experience for whatever you’re into; whether your destination be going hard at one of the five uniquely outfitted club rooms, or grabbing beers and talking sh!t with your mates down at Terrace. You don’t need JUICE to tell you Zouk is the vanguard of KL nightlife, you already decided that it is.

Despite having been open less than a year, The Hill has already become a favoured hangout for those in the know. Whilst your idea of a typical KL bar is probably packed in amongst many more of its kind, with tacky light displays and pushy promoters, The Hill stands alone. Situated in a converted bungalow in the scenic Damansara Heights, the vibe is laidback, the people friendly, drink selection plentiful, and if that doesn’t win your over, the serenity that comes with isolation and a badass view surely will.

Tucked on the 6th floor of Pavilion, Bedroom is inconspicuously located in a corner. If it weren’t for the drunken ruckus partygoers make outside, few would realise that we’ve been hit by a newcomer in town. Even though Bedroom’s in mint condition, it joins the league of grownups when it comes to showing us KLites a good time. Filled with expats and locals alike, it’s a sweaty tussle on the dance floor. But if it gets us a tumble between the sheets, we’re far from complaining. Now if only there were sofa-beds on site…

No surprises here. The grub and grog at Sid’s go hand-in-hand. The chefs know we could use some good chow while nursing a pint. Whether it’s the Monday blues, midweek crisis, or just a weekend laze, Sid’s feels like a second home.

Emerging out of obscurity mid-2011, Deer Society has swiftly become the favourite haunt for many scenesters on a Saturday night. A culture collective comprised of talented DJs with a penchant for indie dance, nu disco, and other alternative beats, Deer Society parties attract hipsters from all walks of life. Held weekly at Daikanyama Changkat the club night has struck the perfect balance of good people, good tunes, and abundance of swag, minus the pretentiousness. The crowd surfing experience of a packed Deer Society night is the perfect remedy to the kind of sterile club nights you’re used to.

A clichéd choice maybe, but we don’t blame you guys. It’s no secret that the JUICE team has long carried a torch for those notorious Barsonic Fridays. Less to do with the 2 for RM100 Long Island Jug deal (although it’s a big part of it) and more to do with the party jams and crazy kids that the TAG boys always manage to somehow bring together, it’s good to see that readers agree that some things never change: there ain’t no party quite like a TAG club night!

When your bar’s mantra is “mou man tai (no problem)”, it only makes sense that your staff are some of the friendliest and most helpful people around. Having organised everything from a blood drive to charity runs, Tom, Dick & Harry’s is the only franchised bar that still believes in communal camaraderie and responsibility.