the best magazine covers of the last 40 years

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Sure, we here at JUICE take a lot of pride in our cover designs (tirelessly crafted with tender loving care month after month by our resident vector vigilante Davis Kam), but we admit that some other mags have neat fronts too. The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) compiled 40 of the best covers of the last 40 years, and although the Yanks forgot to include JUICE July 2006 (my personal favourite this year, so far at least), we forgive them. The ones they’ve listed aren’t only pretty, some of them are iconic, having stood the test of time and given us a visual landmark for the mindstate of the generations that birthed them.

You can find the list here. Enjoy.

P.S.: And no, the cover above is most definitely not #1. The Nation’s take on Dubya gets #23, and only because he looks smarter than usual in this one.