The Bee Pres. Stupid Cupid

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source: The Bee

If there are no plans to cuddle with a significant other — pillows and stuffed animals do not count — while watching a romantic movie on Valentine’s Day, perhaps pay The Bee a visit to celebrate Stupid Cupid and to throw things at couples who happen to pass by. The latter was a joke but not a bad idea… On the itinerary for this date are tarot card readings by the comedians of One Mic Stand, the guys will use their ping pong oracle to see what lies in one’s future, we’re told it’s not for the super sensitive. Next is an ice cream eating contest courtesy of The Last Polka; the person who finishes a tub of ice cream the fastest gets rewarded with P&M goods — eat your feelings and win prizes! The Bee is also transforming its bar for a day to a ‘Love Stinks, Let’s Drink’-themed bar, which we’re assuming will be the best place to meet people, and many, many more activities for singles (and unhappy couples) to enjoy.

Date Sunday 14 February ’16
Time 12pm — 11pm
Venue The Bee, Publika

More information on the event here

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