The Bae: J-Rockin’ The Streets

During JUICE‘s trip to Tokyo recently, we stumbled across a band performing amidst the bustling streest of Shibuya. While barely a year old, they’ve already released an EP titled Beautiful People. Kiss (vocal, guitar) Mackerel (guitar), Muto (bassist), Tessy (drum) are young, and as most Japanese are, focused on their goal-which in their case is to rock as hard as they can.

The Bae might not be on top of the J-rockstar list, but they certainly represent the raw essence of the city. Just one listent o the title track and you’ll hear AC/DC, Nirvana and the Sex Pistols all rolled into one. Other tracks on their Myspace lean towards trashy garage rock and GNR-sh power house ballads. Banzai!

Listen to ‘Beautiful People’ (Indie) at