The Aston Shuffle: Seventeen Past Midnight (Downright/Ministry of Sound)

Staying true to their style since their first production back in 2006 for Claude Von Stroke’s ‘The Whistler’, Australian DJs-producers The Aston Shuffle showed their obsession for razor-edge electro by making 12 new tunes for their highly anticipated debut album Seventeen Past Midnight.  

Dubbed as the #1 DJ of inthemix50 in 2010, the duo of Mikah Freeman and Vance Musgrove dropped refreshing electro vibes on their first single ‘I Wanna See You’ followed by an undeniably upbeat choon, ‘Your Love’. These tracks are ready to be lapped up by young clubbers.

Their most recent single ‘Start Again’ presents the vocal skills and prowess of Lovers Electric which was remixed by LA indie-rockers Jump Jump Dance Dance, house music whiz Alexander Holland, and Dem Slackers. However, the album represents the edgy sound from the early days of electroclash with an updated posh production. For electro fans out there, this album is definitely worth picking up.

LISTEN TO: ‘I Wanna See You’, ‘Your Love’, ‘Start Again’
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