LISTEN: The Aces Look Beyond Purely ‘Physical’ Intimacy

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A year after the catchy single ‘Stuck’, The Aces presents their second single ‘Physical’ from the group’s debut EP I Don’t Like Being Honest via Red Bull Records. Don’t be fooled by the album name though, as the lyrics for both singles suggest otherwise, entailing frank messages like “I gotta be honest, baby. We just can’t get it right,” on their ‘Physical’ single.

For the new single, Alisa Ramirez drums out an optimistic sequence, while Katie Henderson’s feather light guitar sounds as paired with Alisa’s sister Cristal’s vocals add a dreamy quality that throws us off from the underlying tone that discourages casual dating. They deliver their input on the new form of dating culture through ‘Physical’, perceiving casual relationships as insubstantial from the lack of emotional investment. The Aces, sounding similar to HAIM, carries a familiar tone of benevolence in deciding to put romantic substance above keeping it casual.

Watch the single’s music video below:

The pop rock quartet from Utah is formed by the two Ramirez sisters and two other long time friends, guitarist Katie Henderson and bassist McKenna Petty, in their pre-teens. They’re on the right track so far with their debut by sticking to their upbeat synth-pop and rock tunes. The EP will be released globally on Friday 23 June.

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