What I did last night: The Academy Awards 09

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What did I do last night besides rotting in front of the telly? Well to be honest I did the same thing, only this time, instead of aimlessly surfing the channels, my mission was to watch the Oscars and try not to doze off.

The opening act was funny, thank bejewels Hugh Jackman could sing or the medley he put together would have made me cringe – like my dad crooning Cliff Richards. On the red carpet he showed Giuliana Rancic the hand signal he does to remind his wife that he loves her. The gesture would pop up whenever they showed clips of him kissing his wife’s best friend Nicole Kidman. Trying to get out of the hot seat eh Jacky-boy?

The awards were presented differently this time. Five previous award winners from that category would each give an individual speech to the current candidates. First up to receive an award was Penelope Cruz for Best Supporting Actress. The poor girl was short of breath, either from utter shock of winning or her Balmain dress was wound too tight around the chest area.

Then Beyonce performed with Hugh and couples from High School Musical and Mamma Mia. Now that Rihanna has gone into hiding, girlfriend can strut her stuff!

When it was Jennifer Aniston’s time to present, she was really nervous. The camera pans on Angelina Jolie who had a smirk on her face. Some say it was a genuine smile to avoid more tension between them, but I say it was a smirk (come on! She’s up for an Oscar, girlfriend can definitely put it on).

For the first time in history a dearly departed took home an Oscar. It was as expected that Heath Ledger would win Best Supporting Actor, but the question on my mind was – would they make an animated visual of him like the Gorillaz? Nope, that would be in bad taste so they had his family do the honours. Everyone cried and I started to doze off.

Fast forward to the Best Actor category… I thought someone in Slumdog won, but no, it was Sean Penn for Milk. My bad but Slumdog Millionaire did win everything else…. Yawn, but good movie though….