The 3rd Wayang Kulit Tattoo Show’s Got 57 Tattooers from Around the World

It’s now the third year of The Wayang Kulit Collective’s collaborative tattoo expo with Malaysia’s premiere ‘kustom kulture’ – or in layman’s terms; custom and classics vehicle culture – festival; Art of Speed. Expectedly with 57 tattoo artists from 30 studios that comes from not only Malaysia, but Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia too, it’s also the studio’s biggest one to date. As per usual, interested clients can simply walk up to any booth or their choosing during the event itself and pick available flash designs there and then, or make bookings beforehand directly with the artists involved. Have a look at the lineup below for a quick research on their respective styles and works:

As The Wayang Kulit Tattoo Show is in conjunction with Art of Speed 2017, there is a fee of RM15 for access to both the main event and the tattoo expo, which is inclusive of both dates.

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