The 10 Commandments of Talib Kweli

Twitter is new to us. We only joined in April and heaven knows we’ve done a few things we ain’t proud of on it. You know, the kind of things that demonstrate how little we know about technology or how uncouth we are regards the finer points of Twettiquette. If you don’t want to become a Twitter outcast, check Talib Kweli’s Twitter ground rules. Titled “10 things I will never do on Twitter” and posted on his Twitter @RealTalibKweli on 30 April, he insists that “This is my own list not a twitter manifest.” But, the man is wise, so let’s heed his words.

“10. Twitter someone elses personal business. Should go without saying.
9. Twitter MY personal business esp emotional stuff. Twitter is not a diary and you invite confusion into your life this way.
8. Be the twitter police. If I don’t like what you say or do I will ignore you.
7. Have someone else tweet for me. That’s missing the point.
6. Send you a tweet if I’m in the same room as you.
5. Repeat what someone else wrote without adding the RT. No need to plagurize tweets.
4. Ask you to follow me. I’d rather direct you to my site or ask you to follow someone else. No messiah complex here.
3. Jump into your convo without visiting your profile to see what you talking about. That makes me look slow.
2. Say something on Twitter I can’t say to your face. That one was for the e goons.
1. Overtweet. And on that note, I’m out peace.”

Sign up for Twitter at and add @RealTalibKweli. We’re pretty sure of it but he’ll probably also want you to add @JuiceMy, even if he doesn’t say this to you.