Thank You And You’re Welcome

The Kanye West and J. Sakiya Sandifer book collabo was launched last year online, but it’s finally hitting the shelves in bookstores on 7 July. The book titled Thank You And You’re Welcome is an entertaining creative philosophy of Mr. West and his strives in the music industry to be where he’s at. He said in his blog, “I deliver my personal message uncensored, without any 5-second delay or media distortion.”

The big ego man named Kanye West is known for his collaboration and it was last year that he took up marketer and philosopher J. Sakiya Sandifer to write this book of ‘Kanye-isms’. West took him up after being inspired by Sandifer’s book called Think, Think, Think and Think Again. “He did bullet point in bold graphics, and he expounded upon them, whereas books hide the main points chapters in. You have to read so much to get so much out of it. We wanted to make it simple for people who are non-readers, who don’t feel like doing all that, and still get the point across.” Sounds like a genius plan for some of us here in the office.

One of Kanye’s favourite philosophies in the book is “Get used to getting used.” West and Sandifier is already planning on writing another book, but it won’t be a sequel to Thank You And You’re Welcome. “It’s just gonna be another collection of our ideas and theories,” Sandifer said. “It’s not gonna be like ‘Thank You and You’re Welcome Volume Two.’ I think that would be limiting.” We agree.

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Source: MTV