Texas Chicken’s ‘Ayam Keju Berapi’, Cheesy Fries and Mega Crunch Box Arrive Just in Time for Ramadhan

This coming Ramadhan, Texas Chicken is bringing a new flavour and promo to town that’ll keep you coming back for more. You might say that sounds cheesy, but that’s exactly what they’re bringing.

Introducing the all-new, all-spicy and -cheesy Ayam Keju Berapi! Everything you love about their spicy chicken just went up another level with their cheesy, spicy, crunchy Bone-In-Chicken. Anyone who loves fried chicken, especially spicy fried chicken will not be disappointed, but then again, when have they ever?

Complimenting the chicken are Cheesy Fries, made with golden brown thick-cut fries with a smooth blend of cheese sauce and mayonnaise that’s top with sprinkles of spring onions for that extra flava. What do you call these two? A match made in Fried Chicken Heaven, of course.

And if you the type who’s always looking for a great meal with a great value – we feel you. That’s why Texas Chicken is introducing the Mega Crunch Box.

We can tell you exactly why this is a sweet deal; you get to enjoy an epic 4-piece combo that comes with a piece of crunchy, juicy fried chicken and here’s the best part – there are six, yes SIX, combos to choose from!

From the Zesty Crunch Burger, Tenders, Nuggets and our absolute favourite, the Jalapeno Bombers, and the rest of these various choices from Texas Chicken’s menu, the only problem you’ll have is picking which one to choose, because from our point of view, you should take ‘em all.

So what are you waiting for? The chicken isn’t going to eat itself, you know?

The Ayam Keju Berapi + Cheese Fries will be available from May 15 while stocks last and the Mega Crunch Box is available now until further notice.