Teva Originals Spring 2015 Collection

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Sandals have been making a comeback — in case you’ve haven’t noticed, or if you just couldn’t be bothered to care about the absurd footwear that’s coming back ‘in style’, like the resurgence of the Birkenstock as well as the sock and slides à la those adilettes. You’re not alone, these two footwear were first met with disdain, but once they were worn and highly styled by influencers and such, they were then proudly donned by the impressionable thousands. So, sandals are back in action as they were first introduced by way of haute couture runways such as Dries Van Noten and Givenchy, but the OG of all sandal brands is none other than Teva. The footwear company currently stresses about the versatile, adventurous, individual spirit of their brand. Teva sandals still has its classic silhouette but with the fresh addition of webbing on the straps, different prints and patterns, marble outsoles, and more. Depending on your preference, Teva has minimalist as well as more unconventional styles and colours to make their sandals a part of your wardrobe. Hey, if you were sartorially confident, you could try wearing socks with them.

Below are the lookbook and the product images to better convince you:

The Teva Original sandals range from RM169 to RM189 and are available at World of Sports, World of Outdoors, and Urban Adventure Mid Valley.