Tetto Lounge

source: Tetto Lounge

Rooftop Revelry
If the weather’s good and you want to grab a brew with a view, Tetto’s the new place to be. A refreshing entrance on the increasingly jaded Changkat strip, the intimate nightspot occupies the roof above the equally enchanting Fuzio (which is worth a food review or two in itself!). Stepping into the place, you’re greeted with walls adorned with beautiful street murals artistically crafted by friend of JUICE graffiti artist Kenji Chai, one and a half floors of pure bliss and breeze, as well as a delightful night sky to behold.

If the urban panorama isn’t enough to draw you here, the pizza definitely will. Tetto shares a kitchen with the fine Italian restaurant downstairs, and definitely has some of the best bar foods JUICE has ever matched our booze with. Oh, did we mention that you get free pies to go with your drinks during happy hour? The drinks are definitely worth a shot (pun intended) as well. With the variety of intoxicants on the menu, almost nothing is just standard fare with drinks ranging from glasses of delectable limoncello cocktails to dark and dirty wine mixtures that you can take up to the exclusive sky bridge where you can enjoy the breathtaking view. This is a place for you to roll up your sleeves and get hazy and high, while up in the sky.

Drawing everyone from the hip and trendy of the city’s sensuous sartorial posse, along with the standard backpackers coming through the bright lights of our beloved streets, expect to find a mixed bunch of patrons up here nightly as it starts to take off, with the grand launch later this month. Unlike so many of the other bars and lounges mushshrooming up across town, this place doesn’t feel like yet another cheesy gimmick. It feels exciting, and spontaneous. Just don’t try climbing up the roof drunk.

source: Tetto Lounge source: Tetto Lounge

T: 017 314 4088