Tesco x Rizalman Bags

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Who knew Tesco bags could be fashionable? Malaysia’s top designer Rizalman Ibrahim teamed up with Tesco Stores to come up with this new reusable designer bag in support of Malaysian Nature Society’s GREENaid programme. Now you can shop in style.

Going green can be trendy too and this proves just that. Rizalman created this reusable bag that is made out of recycled plastic bottles. You’re saving the planet and shop in style. Here’s what Tesco Malaysia’s Chief Operating Officer has to say about this project, “Customers will surely be excited about the new reusable designer bags, knowing that producing it does not harm the environment and going green can be very fashionable as the bags are designed by the fabulous local designer Rizalman.”

By getting one of these reusable bags, you are donating 50 cents (not the rapper) to GREENaid program in which it supports conservation and educational activities on Malaysia’s natural heritage by the Malaysian Nature Society. Bless.

Don’t bring your own bag when you shop? Shame on you.

Get your Tesco on over at www.tesco.com.my.

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