Terminator On Twitter

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Oh it was bound to happen. Twitter gets commercialised, but in a geeky, gamer way, as Sony Pictures launch their first ever game for social networking platform Twitter, in anticipation of Terminator’s return in Terminator Salvation. Well, he did say he’d be back (groan).

In the Terminator Salvation Twitter game, members of the human resistance communicate with each other through Twitter and turn to the community for help in decoding intercepted Skynet transmissions. That’s where you Twats (um, so what do you call yourselves then?) come in. You too can follow tweets from the resistance at www.Twitter.com/Resistance2018 and join the human resistance. You earn points through timely assistance in decoding messages and these points eventually facilitate your rise in rank within the Resistance Army. Sir!

Players must constantly be on guard against the machines, which periodically and randomly choose a number of players and penalise them a percentage of their points.  A companion blog augments the information within Twitter and hosts a leader board for the game.

The execs at Sony Pictures are well chuffed, with its VP of Marketing even stating: “In the fight against Skynet and the Terminators, mass communication is vital, so it’s no surprise that the resistance would turn to Twitter.” Sigh. We’d hoped that in the future we could communicate with each other through ESP and tonguing.

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