Teenage Fanclub: Shadows (Merge)

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Yet another old school indie band makes a comeback. Teenage Fanclub were the object of affection for most indie fans in the 90s. They wrote beautiful bittersweet love songs-both break up and get together types-driven by guitars that pre-empted the coming of grunge. On their 10th studio release and 1st in 5 years, the Scottish power pop trio have decided that if it ain’t broken, then don’t fix it (translation: don’t add anything more than guitars and a bit of organ to the basic sound).

While this could hardly be called a career high point, there’s no denying that they’re still relevant. Borrowing from 60s nostalgic pop and their own heroes Big Star, this album will warm up any old cold-played person who’s sick of hearing love songs. Best part is they don’t fall into that type of overrated Norwegian wallflower music.

LISTEN TO: ‘Baby Lee’
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Join the club at www.teenagefanclub.com.

What You Do To Me by Teenage Fanclub video back in 1991!


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