‘Tear Us Apart’ by Nadhira feat. Ron E Jones

Local r ‘n’ b songstress Nadhira has been enjoying an immensely positive response to her debut release 12 Shades back in July. Following her album launch, The Movemint has released the official music video of the lead single titled ‘Tear Us Apart’.

Image Aqmal Hadi Shapee

The music video features the sultry Nadhira with a very high resemblance to Ciara (complete with a daring undercut) in a seamless duet with Australian artist Ron E Jones about the strength and bond of love. Their chemistry was so intense that many viewers were hoping for a real life romance! (Note: Nadhira is happily married to local MC/producer Vandal. He’s dancing in the background somewhere in this music video. Aww!)


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