Get Ready To Cry Your Heart Out To This Year’s Tear-Jerking Raya Ads That Hit Us Right In The Feels

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It’s not Raya without bazaar food, quality time with loved ones, Raya songs… and Raya ads that warm our hearts and put a smile on our faces.

This year, a few much-missed Raya traditions will also be making a return post-pandemic now that restrictions on travel and gatherings have been lifted (don’t forget to stock up on Covid self-test kits).

The joy of balik kampung and spending time together features in many of this year’s Ramadan and Raya ads. These are a few that have tugged at our heartstrings, reminding us of the blessings of Ramadan and rekindling the spirit of Raya:

Memori by Shals

Every Raya celebration creates memories we’ll cherish for a lifetime. In the first-ever short film from Shals—founded by TV host Shalma Ainaa—two siblings, Kakak and Osman, reminisce about Hari Raya when they were younger.

It’s a bittersweet tribute to memories that can never be forgotten or replaced, that leave a huge impact in our lives.

Kak Long Balik Muar by McDonalds

To celebrate the return of Kak Long, the eldest daughter, her loved ones go all out in preparing for her homecoming. It’s hard work but also joyful.

As the rambunctious family gather to break fast, they rediscover the true spirit of this festive season: being together again and enjoying one another’s company.

So Raya, Jom Balik Kampung? by Zalora

Zalora’s mini series takes us into the life of the stylish Soraya. After celebrating Raya in isolation for two years, she finally gets to go back home to her family again.

Follow her relatable Raya adventures as she gets ready to celebrate the festive season, from wrapping up at work to baju Raya mishaps and overcooked rendang.

Pesan Ayah by Shopee and Viddsee

This story hits hard emotionally as it recounts the real-life journey of Yana Azmi Tan, aka Kak Kimchi, the owner of a successful kimchi business who lost her father to Covid.

In her first Ramadan without her father, Yana shares about finding the strength to cope with her loss and to rise up again.

Nikmati Keceriaan, Raikan Kekeluargaan by F&N

With businesses gradually recovering post-pandemic, these are hectic times for many of us. The message in this ad is that no matter how busy we are, family comes first.

Make time to celebrate together with your loved ones this festive season.

JUICE wishes all mat ri ye!