Tanlines Overhauled Their Website To Look Like Netflix

source: Tanlines

When done right, creative promotional efforts are the best way to attract attention. Tanlines’ stunt is not only creative but most importantly, it’s hilarious. Jesse Cohen — who also wrote the essay on the making of ‘Invisible Ways‘ from their newest album Highlights — has said that a band website is rendered pointless due to social media. And since Netflix is the current popular mode of online streaming (not available in Asia), so it’s a no brainer for Tanlines to have their website designed like it. As a result, there’s ‘Top Picks For You’ where tracks from Highlights appear individually with their own ‘poster’ along with a brief summary. For instance the song ‘Pieces’, it says, “When bae is away, all hell breaks loose in this dramedy of love, loneliness and longing.” To the uninformed, the following bars might seem like regular movie recommendations, however, ‘Great Second Acts’, ‘Light Dramas’, and ‘Dark Comedies’ are categories that serve as a reflection to the thematic tone of their sophomore album. But of course, there are also labels such as ‘Tropical Depression’ and ‘American Actors Doing British Accents’.

Highlights is anticipated for a release on 19 May. Check out their Netflix parody site here.