Tank Headphones

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Design is everything. We live for fashion. In fact styling is so important that even your headphones gotta be dope. Aerial7 released these awesome Tank Headphones available in 3 different styles – Tank, Chopper and Matador. Chopper and Matador are slightly different in size, but Tank offers the extra perk of including a cable with a microphone for answering phone calls on your phone. Hello technology!

These babies offer DJ quality sound, with crisp highs and rumbling bass. Don’t worry about feeling uncomfortable ‘cos each headphone has an adjustable headband and thick cushioned earpads. Best of all, it’s actually quite affordable, minus the shipping charges of course. Some may call this hip hop urban-looking headbangers garish, but we call these bright-coloured headphones a must-have. The music doesn’t just sound better, it looks better.

Head over to www.aerial7.com to get yourself one now!

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