Take Action Compilation Vol. 11: A compilation for charity

Boom! Take action announces their release of Take Action Compilation Volume 11. For fresh readers who aren’t aware of the concept of these compilations, we’ll rewind just a bit. Sub City Records is the charitable arm of Hopeless Records. Hopeless records is an independent record label whose artists are considered punk rock, pop pink, post-hardcore, alternative rock, and sometimes even metal. And every year a multi-disc compilation of different independent bands is released.

Sub City Records have donated over 1.9 million USD to about 50 non-profit organizations with proceeds earned from both their Take Action Tour and Take Action Compilations. They’re main aim is to create awareness about issues coinciding with depression, teen suicide, and raising the amount of volunteerism. Sub City are the proud folks behind the annual Take Action Tour and their multi-disc compilation of punk and independent bands. And they are pleased to announce their 11th volume of the Take Action Compilation will be released in South-East Asia on 22 January.

All that Sub City and Hopeless records have accomplished have been nothing but impressive and heartfelt. So spread the word and get your hands on their latest compilation.

If Take Action have won you over and got you interested check out their website. To pre-order click here.