TAG 6th Anniversary @ Barsonic

The last time I wrote about TAG, it was for their Labour’s Day event. I really thought it was the end for the troublesome foursome. The crowd sucked, the music sucked, the vibe sucked and I sucked (at a bisexual apparently). But last Friday night at TAG’s 6th anniversary party, DJs Ribut, Chasey Lain, Bunga and Xu changed my mind.

6 years ago I remember stumbling onto TAG’s 1st official set at Bar Amber in Sri Hartamas. In the small audience that night were folk rocker Azmyl Yunor, megalomaniac Maharajah Commission drummer Alex Lam, Reshmonu and Cheryl Lee from Zouk. Daryl Goh (aka DJ Ribut) was my neighbour.

The establishment that hosted TAG was run by a shady mat salleh dude. Bar Amber was the perfect place for mischief. I felt like Lester Bangs at a new Fight Club. So after being tossed around the dancefloor and breaking a few wine glasses, I decided to trail these guys.

My TAG Loft days are hazy. I remember fighting with mat rempits and kissing many strange things. I guess its imperative that I mention TAG were underdogs and yada,yada,yada about the phenomenon of their success. The music could’ve (and did) stop and you would just keep bashing into bodies in a danceable-manner. But you already know about that, don’t you?

It was all fun for the young and younger. Until it stopped. Which brings me to Barsonic and the start of my decline in TAG interest. I got bored. Bored with the DJs, with the music, the long islands, the vodka red bulls, the talking and exaggerated behaviour. The chairs, tables and stools. Guys, gays and lesbians. Girls. Those without and with dimples.

But boring to some is consistency to others. And TAG has never lost its charm. I don’t know if it was the year coming to an end causing me to get sentimental, but it’s good to see familiar faces. And I’d rather be bored (for a while) and always know that TAG will be the same.

TAG 6th Anniversary grew younger on 11 December 2009 at Barsonic. Checkout the young ones at our gallery.

Image Wan Muhammad Atif/drpoppy